The Client

I would like to start off by saying that I have had the great privilege of building a web site for a company, the URL is: http://www.mhgsurveyservices.co.za, the company gave me the go ahead to build a website for them, and above all it was great to deal with such professional people, who make it all worth the while and not to mention the man hours it takes to complete a task such as a web site. I gave it my all from start to finish, but yet it is still not finished. There is a lot of after thought that can go into a web site, from it’s embryo stages to completion. The man behind the initiative for their website is, Corne Du Preez, who was great to deal with. It’s nice to have a client that actually carers about what is being delivered. And we liaise on a regular basis to find out ways on how we can improve each other’s way on how I do business with my client’s & potential clients & to put forward value to the table. Not only did I learn a lot from how to attract business but also to get the job DONE!

I also learnt a lot in a sense that I can also improve my standards by lifting up my plan & that is to FINISH what one starts with in the allotted time frame.

If you would like to become a client of Hawk Web Solutions, please send an email to Hawk Web Solutions my address is, info@hawkwebsolutions.co.za. In this E Mail you should include all relevant info, such as your Christian Name & Surname, company name & contact phone numbers, a land line if you have one or a cellular phone number would also do. Any other specifications should be included in the invited email. I also reserve the right on who I do business with. As I have standards that I would like to deliver upon with in the I.T industry.

#My South Africa:

My Country, #My Passion #My Story.

Being Free, allows you to do certain things you wouldn’t normally find your average human being doing, You can be your normal run of of the mill customer

or you can decide to Buck UP be and be the Person with the Passion & drive & determination to see it through, you may be hurting, but Hold On Pane Ends. Hope is the one ingredient that can be the difference between Failure & Success, if you chose success then you are only half way there, as your business must be your Passion, otherwise what the point of doing it. You might also have to rely on other to come to the Party, & that can be a Challenge by that I mean all having a common purpose to realise what someone is actually trying to achieve be being alive is to live & and to live well in current circumstances in South Africa, having said that, South African politics is much to be desired as they fight amongst themselves for the Presidency, honestly I don’t know what all the fuss is about, just so that you can be the “Top DOG” of the heap of Liars & Corruption that exists, I might be off the beaten track here but that’s Life in South Africa, eat or be eaten, adapt or die which I am quiet prepared to do for this Land of my Birth & my Death.Not too mention all the gangster-ism that is rife in the Western Cape, people getting shot in broad daylight so it isn’t as a safe place as you thought it would be. So you have to keep your wits about you in this Country, that’s what separates a Man from a Boy. As night falls on yet another day in what I call living a dream, it is quite hard to understand & fathom the drive of your Passion that exists within South Africa, which is alive with possibilities, Eskom, our electricity supplier continues to struggles to “keeping the lights on” as they run further & further into debt with non-compliant customers who forge the wedge even further to divide the rich from the poor who continue to struggle long after South Africa won it”s first democratic election back in 1994, I was in std 6, Gr. 8 in today’s classrooms, which I am glad not to be in one of them, I finished school over 20 years ago, we had our reunion @ the campus of, St. Stithian’s College a Posh private school in Randburg, one of the best schools ever to develop world class singers, tennis players, protea cricketers, top billing presenters, we even have to date, just one Springbok Rugby player. With diversity comes agility to adjust to different ways of living & surviving in today’s current economic junk status economy. My passion drives me to be a better person to deliver when it counts. If this has stirred up some emotion in you, then I am very Glad, cause it is meant to do just that, thought provoking and daring at the same time.

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